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Asian Leopard Cats
Junglebook Bengals have developed from multiple lines of Asian Leopard Cats (ALCs).

ALC Art Deco of Lionsmountain:


Though his time was short, his marvelous conformation is being passed down thru his F2 & F3 foundation females.


ALC Bahgara Khan:


One of the earliest ALCs used to create the Bengal, his contribution can still be seen in some of our wildest faced cats. Bahgara Khan was very prepotent and stamped his appearance on to his F1 daughters.


Centerwall/Millwood ALC:


While we do not have any females exclusively of the original Centerwall/ Millwood line, several of our Studs are of this line. All of our females except a couple F1s (and virtually all Bengals everywhere), have this line in them if you go back far enough.

ALC Kabuki of Millwood:



Long bodies, rosettes, rich, clear coated contrast and mild temperaments are what we appreciate in our Kabuki line.


LeopoleALC Leopole of New Horizons:

An oldie, but a Goodie! Leopole has contributed his genes to creating beautiful foundation females. Who could deny his exquisite huge mahogany rosetting and a face right out of tropical rain forest?


(Leopole photo used with permission, Joyce Shroufe, New Horizons)

ALC Rajah Singh:

Rajah Singh


One of the more beautiful and gentle of the ALC's, Rajah's bloodlines are far and few between. We love the heads and temperaments.



ALC Taro of Bundas:

Taro was a sleek, southern type ALC with an exquisite, fluid pattern dripping with Golden Arrowhead Rosettes.


(Taro photo courtesy Grace Lush, Bundas)

(NOTE on ALC photos - most of these photos have been shared publicly for years; attemps were made to obtain specific permission for usage from the original owners when applicable.)



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